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heart of Darwin

Darwin puts the customer at the core of everything. By combining traditional circulation methods with modern technology and AI, conversion rates are supercharged through CX orchestration, the conductor that keeps systems and departments aligned on customer intelligence management.


Darwin empowers marketers to spin up campaigns and renewal journeys quickly and with ease. A real-time view of data presented in a multitude of reports, alerts, and dashboards give users actionable business insights at the click of a button.


In order to keep pace with constantly changing customer expectations — what we Darwinians call the "Amazon Effect" — Darwin lets clients use the tools they like best, then facilitates the flow of information seamlessly and bi-directionally through webhooks and APIs. As customers evolve, so, too, does Darwin.


The future is predictive. By providing a true 360-degree view of each customer’s transaction history and behavior, Darwin contains all the data points necessary to trigger powerful applications of machine learning. Why do the mind-numbing work of combing through reams of data when algorithms can do it faster, cheaper, and better.

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